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We Also Have a Great Detailing Department!


Orbital Wax Package
$124.95 - $150.00

Your vehicle is washed, dried, and cleaned.  Wax is applied, then buffed out after bonding time. We use various high quality waxes including, but not limited to, Mothers, Meguiar and Turtle.  You may supply your own choice too.  

Full Interior Detail - Included in Above Package!

We wipe down and dust the interior, perform an extensive vacuuming of the vehicle to include the trunk, truck bed, and vent areas. If seats and rugs need to be pulled out for deep cleaning, we will do that too for an additional charge.   We apply a ultra-violet crème protectant to the dash and door panels.  We clean out all of the cup holders, ash trays, cracks, crevices and vents. We remove any light stains that might be in the carpet, upholstery or headliner.  Also, cleaning the windows and mirrors is a priority.  A final inspection of the vehicle is performed.  We clean it out folks! 

Your car will be needed for the day.  In at 9:00 or earlier, out by 5:00 or earlier.

We spend a lot of time on your car, because it is your car!